Boot Camp


Every Tuesday January 5 – February 9, 2016

First Baptist Church, Statesville @ 6-7pm

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Faithful Steps Boot Camp, “The Pursuit of Spiritual and Physical Excellence!” will be a 8 week program designed to make a difference in our souls and our bodies all through the power of Jesus Christ!  We will have a 20 minute bible study followed by a 35 minute workout.  The first night you will complete your first Fit Test, which will be used to measure your progress.  You will do a total of 3 Fit Tests, one at the start, one mid-way through, and a final.

For the workout portion, we will be focusing on building your muscle and cardiovascular strength and endurance.  We will do this through Circuit Training. Circuit training is a workout technique involving a series of exercises performed in rotation with minimal rest.  The exercises will be broken into 4 categories; upper body, lower body, core, and cardio.  While each exercise will have a main focus, all of them will get your heart rate soaring and will require the use of multiple muscles helping you to get a total body workout each time.  Most of the time, you will be asked to do maximum repetitions of each exercise for 30 seconds.  Some of the exercises will include: squats, lunges, suicides, burpees, push-ups, crunches, planks, along with many others.

This program is going to be a Boot Camp, you need to come prepared to give 110% every time in both the bible study and workout!  Taking care of our bodies and being healthy and fit both spiritually and physically is a way to worship the Lord and be prepared to do good works for His kingdom.   So if you are ready to work hard and Pursue Spiritual and Physical Excellence then get registered today!

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