Faithful Steps Kickboxing

Date: September 15 – October 20

Time: Tuesday nights from 6:15-7:30pm

Location: First Baptist Church, 815 Davie Ave. Statesville, NC

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Faithful Steps Kickboxing is a 6 week program designed to get you kicking and punching your way to a better spiritual and physical self!  We will have a 30 minute bible study followed by a 45 minute cardio based workout.

Cardio kickboxing is a form of exercise that allows you to get a full body workout while working up a good sweat, burning fat and building your cardiovascular strength and endurance. The movements will include: kicks, jabs, punches, knee moves, twists, and many combination moves. But don’t worry, no experience is needed…it’s open to everyone 12 years of age and up.

This program is going to be a SWEAT SESSION, you need to come prepared to give 110% every time in both the bible study and workout!  Taking care of our bodies and being healthy and fit both spiritually and physically is a way to worship the Lord and be prepared to do good works for His kingdom.  So if you are ready to work hard and grow spiritually and physically then get registered today!

Registration Fee: $25

For more information or questions please email